North Yorkshire and City of York, Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements

Working together to make North Yorkshire and the City of York safer places to be

Sexual and violent offending affects lives in a way no other crime does.  It causes suffering to victims, their families and heightens levels of public concern in local communities.  For this reason, Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements, more commonly known as MAPPA, was introduced across England and Wales as a process that supports the assessment and management of such offenders.

The level of risk in individual cases can be reduced; however, it can never be entirely removed.  Locking up people and throwing away the key, is not a solution.  Of the current prison population, of over 80,000 only a very small percentage will never be released and the vast majority of sexual and violent offenders, at some stage, will be released back into the community.  It is the responsibility of MAPPA agencies to work with these offenders to help reduce the likelihood of reoffending.

Most of what MAPPA does you do not see, however we hope that having logged on to the website you are interested in knowing more about MAPPA and who is involved in MAPPA processes.  We have also incorporated into the information some real case studies that help illustrate the work of MAPPA and the journey MAPPA offenders make.

North Yorkshire, which includes the City of York, is one of the safest areas in terms of crime to live.  MAPPA by working in partnership with key agencies is playing its part to keep it that way.

North Yorkshire and City of York

Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements